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First Post

I hate that LJ has become such a haven for drama. I have lost at least one friend over it, and I know other people that have lost many friends. All over a diary. That's all this is, people. A fucking diary. *sigh*

I set up this community because I am so tired of people trying to communicate over LiveJournal the things that need to be said in person, or at least on an email. I myself have been guilty of posting a rant, only to have a close friend take personal offense to something that was said. This site wasn't designed for that! We are (mostly) not in high school anymore. We are, for the most part, adults with real lives and problems. Bashing one another on an ONLINE JOURNAL SITE is not going to help that.

So, this is the community. Feel free to post. You don't have to be a member to do so, though memberships are ALWAYS welcome. :) Just a place to let off some steam about the built-up drama that exists on these simple pages of binary and HTML code. :)
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