Andyroonie (bb_snowman) wrote in ljuseranon,


Found this site through some means I really don't want to say right now. Erm. Anyway. XD

I actually have secret journal now that was originally devoted purely to one intrest, but it is quickly becoming a general journal, for where I can REALLY write things down. Isn't it depressing? Why can I not feel safe posting publically anymore? Why do I feel like I cannot write for fear of some people thinking I'm merely whining?

I don't like private entries or filtered entries anyway-I got hurt by one filtered entry by a now-ex buddy insulting me through one of them. Besides, LJ is a journal for publicness for a reason, to keep up with friends. Why must it degrade like this?
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I can certainly relate to that! Censoring your own thoughts just because someone somewhere might think you're whining (we should all have a good whine once in a while) isn't very cool..... I think i might get a second journal for the purpose of being able to vent uncensored.... hopefully it won't have to be a paper journal. I could never keep those. :)

(I have a couple of ideas where you might have found the group. :})
A paper journal has become oh-so-tempting at this rate. But I know I'm too lazy to keep one up, so LJ is a godsend.

Yeah, tis annoying. I always feel, even when I'm justified, that someone else will suddenly come with something even worse and I'll thusly feel guilty over my own posting. For the old days when no one would be so pissy over these things.

As for the community....well, do tell your ideas, we're the only people here. It's more likely just one idea of where I was, I'm sure... :P
LoL Well, I don't keep one either... I tried, several times, as a child. I could never keep it up. Damn ADHD.

As for my theories... You probably found it one of three ways. Either a Feederism board, a Furry board, or you know one (or more) of my LJ friends. :)
Feeding, bingo. The other journal is da_snowman. Any non-fatty lover'll immediantly pick up on who it is.

I wouldn't really feel the need to keep a hidden journal for the intrest, but a lot of people there are slightly kooky and I doubt my other buddies are too keen on purposly seeing someone gain weight. Yeeeargh. :P
LoL Oh, c'mon. Wouldn't your friends welcome it with open arms, offering to participate?! ;)
Or DeviantART, which would mean you followed my happy links all over the internet to get to this one. :)