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A fun little community to bitch and whine about LJ and the issues it causes. We have some VERY simple rules:

1) Keep it anonymous. We don't want you to air your dirty laundry (i.e., names, dates, etc.), since this is a community ABOUT drama... not drama itself. :)

2) Be respectful. All of us have dealt with some drama somewhere on this site. Just remember, your drama is no more serious than anyone else's. It's all just LIVEJOURNAL.

3) Feel free to talk about other drama, but the first two rules still apply. If you want to talk about another community or user, do NOT, I repeat NOT, use the username. You do that, I'll have to remove your post. Simple as that.

Other than those three rules, have at it. Bitch about Livejournal, bitch about your friends' list, bitch about someone else's bitching! :) And please make a point to join. :) We like members.......

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